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Dragon Buffalo Horn Comb Vietnam vs horn Comb french

  • From the e-bay listing: https://www.vinacomb.net
  • A large translucent horn hair comb with Hand carved dragon from translucent buffalo horn, this comb is the best choice for your hair, It is also a smart gift for long hair girl.
  • Length: 19 cm (7.48″)
  • Width: 6 cm (2.36″)
  • Thickness: 0.5 -1 cm (0.19″-0.39″)
  • Why should you use a horn comb ? The end of static electricity Unlike plastic combs, the horn comb does not trap electric charges. The air around you in contact with your hair produces static electricity all day long. Combing your hair with a horn comb helps balance the hair’s electrical charge. Some movie studios use horn combs because the result is impeccable. Some people find that this property even helps to remove stress. The comb glides better through the hair The horn has the same molecular nature as hair. It does not cling to its surface (unlike plastic) and facilitates untangling. The horn comb glides through the hair, without weakening it. It’s just more comfortable for you every day. And that is why those who have a horn comb never go back to plastic. Hair is shinier A horn comb smoothes the hair and closes its scales. A comb or brush made of plastic would attack the hair, tear its micro-particles, and destroy the cuticle. With a horn comb, the cuticle is intact and reflects the light. The hair is shinier. Hair is healthier The keratin of the comb helps to close the cuticle scales. The hair scales, once closed, are more resistant to external aggressions from pollution, physical assaults related to sunlight, weather, temperature or humidity. Hair is less greasy, and less dehydrated. Our combs respect nature Horn is a natural, renewable and fully biodegradable material. The residues from the manufacturing processe are used to make buttons or are crushed into powder and used as natural fertilizer by farmers and local gardeners. Grinding is natural, using a mixture of pumice and water. Combs are polished mechanically with a cloth. The manufacturing process does not use any solvent.

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Discover the french horn combs from thier manufacter to sale. Made in the heart of France in the Ariége at the pays d’Olmes in the région of the Midi-pyrénées at the south of Toulouse. The Horn comb is an item used in day to day life. The horn comb is antistatique. It gives your hairs it’s natural shine back, leaving your hair looking as shiny as ever. Free shipping for every Horn Comb.

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